Facebook Symbols & Meaning

Facebook has already had more have over 1 billion members and growing since it was started in 2004. Many find the social networking site as one of the most convenient means of communicating to other people.

You can send your messages through your Facebook wall or chat with a friend anytime you want. Communication is Facebook has become more exciting with the use of some Facebook symbols or smileys with these things; you can bring a part of your emotion to your plain text messages. This is really something, since the people reading the message or the post will understand more what the user feels when sending or posting such message.

Since the virtual community is always in constant change. There have been many updated and even new symbols right now that you need to get accustomed to. Below are the commonly use smileys and symbols are usually seen in the Facebook community:

Facebook Smiley              Meaning

<(“)                                        Penguin

(^^^)                                     Shark

:) or :-) or =) or :]              Smile

:D or :-D or =D                   Big smile

>:o or >:-o                           Smile with closed eyes

:o or :-o                                                Surprise

:( or :-( or =( or :[              Sad face

;) or ;-)                                  Wink

:'(                                            Crying

:* or :-*                                                Kiss

:p or :-p                                                Tongue

>:( or >:-(                             Angry

<3                                           Heart

:3                                            Cat face, mustache

^_^                                        Pleasant face

-_-                                          Pleasant face with eyes down

O:) or O:-)                           Angel

3:) or 3:-)                             Devil

:v                                            Pacman

:|]                                           Robot

8) or 8-) or B) or B-)         Glasses

8| or 8-| or B| or B-|      Dark glasses

:/ or :-/ or :\ or :-\            Confused

o.O or O.o                           Big and small eye

:putnam:                             Human head

#:0                                          Ahhhhhhhhhh

{:V                                          Duck

_:^)                                        American Indian

<:-I                                         Dummy

*<:-)                                      Santa Claus

|:-|                                        Anal-Retentive

-):………                                               Dyslexic

*!#*^*&:-)                         Schizophrenic

0:-)                                         Angel

(:-I                                          Egghead

:-@                                         Screaming

Getting familiar with these symbols will really help you understand the emotion of the person sending you a message or making a post. Thus,  you will be able to respond accordingly based on the emotion you have seen.