Facebook scissors symbols

All right, let’s cut to the chase. Using scissors Facebook Symbols in Facebook Symbols makes it easier to cut up with your friends. Jokes aside, there are many other uses you can find for a scissors symbol and using symbols on Facebook Symbols is just plain cool.

You can add dashes to any of the scissors icons to make a ‘cut here’ line just like you would see on the grocery coupons you get in your Sunday paper.

These scissors Facebook Symbols can be copied and pasted into your Facebook Symbols status message, chat window or even Twitter. If you can use text, you can use these symbols because they are basically just a special kind of text.

Scissors on Facebook Symbols

Scissors Cutting Above

You can use a line of dashes with any of these scissors symbols to make it look like a cut line. This Facebook Symbols shows what you would see if you were looking at a pair of scissors cutting from above.

Full Scissors

This Facebook Symbols shows a full pair of scissors. You can do just about anything you want with these scissors, just don’t run with them.

Scissors Cutting Below

Here you can see the scissors as they would look if you were viewing them from below while someone cuts something.

Outline Scissors

The outline scissors appear larger than the others. Perhaps they are heavy duty scissors. They kind of look like the safety scissors used in grade school.

All of these scissors can be used in your Facebook Symbols name, status and chat window. Leave a comment if you know of any more.