Moon symbol for Facebook


You may know that the sun and moon are often associated with the occult and witchcraft, but there are many other uses for these symbols as well. You can use them as a personal symbol in your Facebook Symbols display name or include a moon Facebook Symbols in your Facebook status message. You can even use it in the Facebook Symbols chat window.

For people interested is astronomy or astrology, the moon is a very useful Facebook Symbols to be able to use during chat sessions. It is easy to include a moon symbol when you are on Facebook Symbols. Since there are moon symbols built into the ASCII character system, all you have to do is cut and paste the Facebook Symbols or type the alt code for it.

Perhaps you have a hard time getting to sleep. If so, you might be up late and want to use the moon Facebook Symbols to indicate what time of day it is when you are on Facebook Symbols when you should be sound asleep.
Some people use the moon Facebook Symbols to indicate that they are away in their Facebook status updates. You can leave a message saying, “Off to bed!” with a moon Facebook Symbols to illustrate your point. Here are a couple moon symbols your can use in Facebook Symbols.

Moon symbol for Facebook Symbols

Waxing Moon

This symbol is an outline of the moon with the points facing to the left. If you know what phase the moon, is in you can choose the waxing or waning moon to indicate the phase.

Waning Moon

The waning moon is an outline of the moon with the points facing to the right. Use these Facebook Symbols in your Facebook status and your friends will wonder how you did it.

Now you know how to put two different moon Facebook Symbols into your Facebook Symbols status or chat messages. If you know of any other moon symbols, please leave a comment below.