Knowing Facebook Symbols

Anyone has probably noticed in the Facebook community cool symbols and smileys. For people who been using Facebook would probably recognize Facebook symbols however for those who are newbie in using Facebook and in the social networking world, this symbols could be a little confusing. It is true that most of the symbols we see in Facebook can be interpreted in just one look, but for others especially the new users, they might interpret this symbols in the different way. Thus this post allows new Facebook users to identify some of the common Facebook symbols. (more…)

Some Amazing and Cool Facebook Symbols

Most of the Facebook accounts and users these days are fond of using Facebook symbols and smileys on their account status, posts and messages. There are many fascinating Facebook symbols that one can use in updating one’s Facebook account.

Most of the Facebook symbols that are available today are free to use. You need only to copy the ones you like and paste it anywhere you want to see it Facebook. Their websites that have a collection of cool, fun and amazing Facebook symbols. Although most of them have many symbols in common there are few that have a unique collection of symbols and smileys. (more…)

How to Create A Heart Symbol In Facebook

Ever since Facebook creators allowed the use of symbols, many people have grown inclined of using it. The Facebook symbols allow the users to express their feelings in more creative and dramatic way. There are plenty of symbols that you will see on various Facebook account these days, however the most common of which is the heart symbols.